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FreeAgent 500Gb

FreeAgent 500Gb

Price: $ 105.00

FreeAgent Go 500GB

External USB 2.0 Portable Hard Drive

*       500GB storage capacity
Safely stores your important personal files and data.

*       USB 2.0 interface
For easy connectivity to your system.

*       Up to 480 Mbps data transfer rates
Quickly moves files between drives.

*       16MB cache buffer
For smooth and efficient data transfer.

*       5400 rpm speed
Lets you access items on the hard drive quickly and easily.

*       Preloaded backup and encryption software
So you don't have to worry about important files being lost or stolen.

*       File synchronization
Automatically ensures that you can acces the most recent version of a file.

*       Cable-free connection
Desktop dock accessory (not included) connects with your computer for hassle-free data transfer.

*       Power management feature
Helps save energy.

*       Sleek profile
With compact cables to look good on your workspace.

*       PC compatible
Integrates easily into your existing system.


FreeAgent 500Gb FreeAgent 500Gb FreeAgent 500Gb

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